March 30, 2010

first time for anything is a really weird experience.
there's a quote from Frank Herbert's DUNE that lady jessica says about 'first encounters'. something about how 'great care must be taken and great allowances must be made for differences in background and culture upon first meeting'.

not sure where i want to take all this or what it'll turn into but i guess that's the fun of it.

this is a pic of what my dorm room looked like sophomore year at risd. but i think it's an adequate visual description of what i feel is going on in my head, in that there are somewhat general areas of concentrated thought, and everything together is one whole, but that its generally a pretty chaotic collection of ideas and thought trails and gathered information. im starting to look for a direction to take all of these things.

there are sooo many different areas of things that im deeply interested in, and its interesting to look for the point where all these different interests meet.

things that currently, im generally using as influences on my thoughts and emotions:

Yoga as a Universal Science
by Swami Krishnananda
Chapter 1: God, Man and the Universe

Dharma Bums - Jack Kerouac
"...the ecstacy's general, 's what he means, ecstacy of the mind, the world is nothing but mind and what is mind? the mind is nothing but the world, goddammit."

"the mind is the maker, for no reason at all, for all this creation, created to fall"

"that's why frontiersmen are always heroes and were always my real heroes and will always be. they're constantly on the alert in the realness which might as well be real as unreal, what difference does it make, diamond sutra says, "make no formed conceptions about the realness of existence nor about the unrealness of existence."
311- The Continuous Life