May 17, 2011

I've Gone Black

So, as you can see i've changed the background color on this blog. (and subsequently the color of the text and titles. etc.) and i would like to explain myself because i feel such a change deserves a reason.

This has everything to do with "The Canvas is Black: We Add Light"

If you think about space and the Universe and the Galaxy and all that great big stuff out there, there really isn't that much light shooting around, it seems to be a pretty dark place. The darkness of black serves as the perfect background to show off the brilliant luminescence of the Stars and the planets that they shed light on.

imagine if the Universe we're White instead of Black, how much harder it would be to see the brightness of the Stars...

and in a similar way i believe this applies to the idea of Black as a background color for the design of this blog. the background is the Void, and thus Everything I add here to it, is a little bit of Light that i am sharing.

May 16, 2011


i drew this with my eyes hand moving over my face, the other moving over the paper.

Second Chance

May 5, 2011

I am enchanted

i am mezmerized
i am bewitched
by the sensations and perceptions of your virtue you freely extol.
the sun bathes me in warmth, the sparrow sweetly sings his song,
the gentle breeze blows fanciful fragrances past my nose,
the sight of the early blooming crocus pleases me
knowing that once again the world delights in easy living
and i am transfixed
and i am transfixed
and i am transfixed

that sort of wednesday


A Piece of Life