January 18, 2012

Mirror Making

There really is no line between that which exists and that which does not exist.

Our limited perception is what defines those things for us.

Unlimit your perception and everything becomes both real and unreal.
I exist and I do not exist.

All the previous teachings need not be undone.
But merely shown a new end to which it has been more eternally driven.

To show them that everything we have been learning so far has actually been to drive us farther than we originally thought.

Show the greedy a higher more pure greed,
Show the lustful a higher and more pure lust.
Show the wise, a more refined wisdom.

For indeed we are in the process of making ourselves more pure.

Perfecting the surface of our own mirrors.

I am a vessel through which
The one divine being
Does it’s work.

That is why I am important.
Because I am needed
By the divine being
To make it’s own existence possible.

To perceive itself
The divine being had to create
A perfect mirror.

We are that mirror.

I am here to make an existence
For myself, for the divine universe.

January 16, 2012

I Am A River

I am a river.
I am the experience of a river.

I am the water that flows,
I am the earth, the rock
and the ground which holds
and shapes it.
I am the wind which ripples.
I am the delta.
I am the ocean which gladly accepts it.
I am evaporation.
I am condensation.
I am precipitation.

I am the whole river.
I am the experience of a river.

January 13, 2012

January 12, 2012

some things i dont know why

I realize that i seem to keep most of an arms length away from people. im not sure exactly why. i think part is because i am afraid of myself. that i will unintentionally hurt those that i do let in too close. i have an immense fire that burns within me and im afraid if people got too close i will burn them just because it's the nature of the fire within me... either that or the only other way for people to get close enough to me is to  dwindle my fire down to a pile of embers though it would not have been their intention.

January 6, 2012

There should be no should's

There are... or rather, there should be no 'should's in life!
The only thing one 'should' do is find out who you are, and then Be that!
Everyone has their own unique Nature and everyone should follow that.
find out what you like and what you don't, if anything; Play around with your own thoughts and emotions because their YOURS and No One else's! Pay attention to your Senses for the same reason! if you want to really Feel and Know you're Alive, the only way you can do that is to Fully take in the immediate experience of being your Self.

January 5, 2012

Coming and Going...

Ahhh... to be NEW again

a NEW year… I just thought, what if every year was the same year, but at the end of every year we just got to start over and try the same year again, except to do it differently this time, to do it better, because we’re smarter now, a little wiser, more experience and more capable to take on what New Challenges this New Year will bring. Yet another trip around the Sun. Another chance…

When there are no expectations, the possibility of failure is removed… ;)

I think everyone could benefit from learning how to move on a little more gracefully… including my self of course. There’s so much NEW out there to be had, to do and to BE, TO BE NEW over and over, as much as I want. To be new, get old, move on, change, and become new again... limitless possibilities <3