January 18, 2012

Mirror Making

There really is no line between that which exists and that which does not exist.

Our limited perception is what defines those things for us.

Unlimit your perception and everything becomes both real and unreal.
I exist and I do not exist.

All the previous teachings need not be undone.
But merely shown a new end to which it has been more eternally driven.

To show them that everything we have been learning so far has actually been to drive us farther than we originally thought.

Show the greedy a higher more pure greed,
Show the lustful a higher and more pure lust.
Show the wise, a more refined wisdom.

For indeed we are in the process of making ourselves more pure.

Perfecting the surface of our own mirrors.

I am a vessel through which
The one divine being
Does it’s work.

That is why I am important.
Because I am needed
By the divine being
To make it’s own existence possible.

To perceive itself
The divine being had to create
A perfect mirror.

We are that mirror.

I am here to make an existence
For myself, for the divine universe.

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