January 5, 2012

Ahhh... to be NEW again

a NEW year… I just thought, what if every year was the same year, but at the end of every year we just got to start over and try the same year again, except to do it differently this time, to do it better, because we’re smarter now, a little wiser, more experience and more capable to take on what New Challenges this New Year will bring. Yet another trip around the Sun. Another chance…

When there are no expectations, the possibility of failure is removed… ;)

I think everyone could benefit from learning how to move on a little more gracefully… including my self of course. There’s so much NEW out there to be had, to do and to BE, TO BE NEW over and over, as much as I want. To be new, get old, move on, change, and become new again... limitless possibilities <3

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