My Principals

I Will Always Be Better than Before.

-Awareness: Because I can't do anything about what I'm unaware or unconscious of. To keep an awareness of myself and others and my circumstances.

-Intention: Honest intention behind my actions, whatever they may be.

-Self discipline: Striving for the ‘better’. In order for 'better' to come 'good enough' must stand aside. The ability to Dream BIG and freedom of Imagination.

-Acceptance and Appreciation: of things totally as they are. 

-Forgiveness: for others and my self.

-(Pro)action: Following my Heart where it tells me to go, and when it tells me to rest.

-Respect: For my environment and circumstances including all people and living things in it using tact and consideration, empathy and understanding.

-Bravery: For living life up to my own standards and no one else’s; A set of Priorities.

-Gratefulness for Existence and moments of Meditation: A connection with the numinous and a sense of Faith in the Coming and the Going and the Coming Again of All Things Physical and Spiritual.

-Responsibility: For my share, with humility and pride in all that I do and accomplish. Responsibility is a Necessity for True Happiness.

-Focus: on the Present Moment.

-Love: For My Self and Everything in the whole Universe because I am I and You are You and I am You and You are Me and We Are The Universe.

The World is my Home, my Home is the World.

Treat others as you would like to be treated, because what you do unto others, you do to yourself. …you are leaving the same impression upon your mind and your emotional ‘well-being’.

If you do something wrong you know is wrong, you feel badly about it and about yourself.

If you do something right you know is right you feel good about yourself and what you have done.

Choice is Creation