July 3, 2012

Eternity Sees All

July 3rd, 2012    2:10am    Andrew's apartment, Nrth + Wstrn

So i just had this idea, that maybe somehow Gravity is an effect of perception...
like the pull of gravity is in relation to how much perception is being drawn in. like 'Black Holes' are exactly what the holes in our own eyes are, taking in all the Light. these 'Black Holes' though simply have no lid. the Eternally All-Seeing.
I have one such hole inside me as well. An ever-watchful eye, the Always Observer. the one with nothing to say. in fact i have an entire Universe inside of me. my own universe. it is the universe which makes up the fabric of this one. the Universe of Ideas and Concepts, the Memory box, the Storyteller. and all i can ever try to do is Reflect the light that I Alone see from the Universe within outwards into this Universe I Share with others. this little light of mine, im gonna let it shine, whether you're watching or not, Eternity Sees All.

Life is like rediscovering a forgotten memory.

"You make me want to know you."
said the seer to the seen.
Well here I go again, for the first time.

the compression of the Universe through the pinpoint of the vortex causes the combustion of consciousness.

1:00 pm
like waves of consciousness radiate and are emitted from the combustion of all the information in the universe condensed and compressed into one single point of awareness.
=> 'gravitational lens' effect around super dense objects.

6:00 am
Tree Falls in Backyard at Home.

One thing vs. another is becoming one thing along with another, one thing in relation to an other.