September 24, 2011

Caught up in the midst...

I feel so caught up in the midst of things right now!

my self, my own life, and the world and the lives of everyone in it!
its too much! anyways all i have the energy for anymore is to take care of myself, and i think thats the way it should be, because only if i can take care of myself first will i ever be able to be there for others when they need me.

I dont think we can truly change our government and corporations by protesting or telling them what we want or what we want them to do and how we want 'them' to change. no one easily bends to the will of another...

Change Must come from Within.

i think simply enough, WE OURSELVES must change, and stop expecting it to come first from others. i believe if we could all focus on putting True effort into bettering ourselves and our own lives, expanding our own universal nature and awareness, to find happiness coming from within no matter what comes from without, and work to share and spread that inner love outwardly, with each of us committed to being our own center of positivity, i believe we will begin to see the world change around us. in order to bring about Love, we ourselves must first Live, Breathe and Be Love...unconditionally...for all.

new age, new consciousness, new kind of revolution

and only you know in what ways you need to change... you must then just be willing to enact those self imposed changes on yourself... you are solely responsible for your own change... if you really want it.

Be good to your self so you can be better to others, allowing them to be better to themselves so then they can be better still to others in turn...and on and see?

We all need to have the courage to truly look at, me, cops, wall st, protesters...everyone
imagine if people on wall st began to look at themselves truly?! how horrible would they feel? but if there's no love to lift them back up, why should they abandon their ways? i dont think wall st will be able to look at itself truly until we all recognize them first as fellow humans and help them feel together as a part of us instead of separated by something as stupid as money. we cant let money come inbetween us.

We have to STOP being AGAINST EACH OTHER...we're ALL in this TOGETHER...that doesn't exclude cops or wall st... and everyone needs and deserves Love...

September 22, 2011

A Journal Reading

May 12th, 2011 5:24pm Home Bedroom Michigan