March 23, 2012

The Future Begins in The Now

for quite some time now, probably since 2009 when my father almost died, ive been living as if the world were going to end any second. every second has felt like that for me for these few years, and it forced and granted me to be able to live life in a fuller way than ive ever known. to actually do the things ive really wanted to do, and to say things to people ive always needed to say. to carry through on the things that the voice inside me tells me to do. and to become the person i've always wanted to be.

i dont believe in plans anymore. if things are meant to happen, they will happen. i dont count on any idea i have for the 'future' because i know everything is always changing. ive been living in the now.

i think just today though, i've decided i need to start thinking about there actually being a 'long' journey ahead for me still. that there is a future for me i want to invest in. and the greatest thing is now, that ive learned how to use each present moment as a seed for the future. i've been able to watch now how things i do simply because my soul tells me i need to, in the moment, dont actually end in the moment, they grow into the future, each moment is reshaping the future. and when i follow my heart in the moment, it is reshaping the future to match up with my true hearts desire.

actual change can only take place in the present, in the NOW, then it ripples out into the infinite future. you have to make your future in the now.

by following my intuition in every moment. about all the big and small things... i've learned what they mean when they say "when you are hungry, eat. when you are tired, sleep."

a plant will show you it needs water by wilting, and so you water it. in the same way, life itself will show what is needed of you in each moment, as long as you always look life in the face.

i act, the universe reacts; the universe acts, i react.
be present, be awake, pay attention, always, every moment. right now.

life is an incredible journey.

March 12, 2012

The Story of A Game

In this Moment, We are the Mortal Manifestation of 
the Eternal Essence of a Story about an ever Evolving Game 
Played for the Enjoyment of One's own Divine Universal Nature.

As A Mortal Manifestation of an Eternal Essence,
I will do what is Necessary for me to do 
as My Perception of my Circumstances, 
Internal and External, tell me.

If I do not do what is Necessary in one moment,
and the perception of a 'mistake' has been made,
However Grave,
I will Learn from the Experience
and do what is Necessary to make it 'Right' again;
if not with others, at least with
My Self.