March 12, 2012

The Story of A Game

In this Moment, We are the Mortal Manifestation of 
the Eternal Essence of a Story about an ever Evolving Game 
Played for the Enjoyment of One's own Divine Universal Nature.

As A Mortal Manifestation of an Eternal Essence,
I will do what is Necessary for me to do 
as My Perception of my Circumstances, 
Internal and External, tell me.

If I do not do what is Necessary in one moment,
and the perception of a 'mistake' has been made,
However Grave,
I will Learn from the Experience
and do what is Necessary to make it 'Right' again;
if not with others, at least with
My Self.

Note: In Actuality I do not fundamentally believe in 'mistakes'. I do have the Understanding and the Faith that Everything happens the way it does out of Necessity. But I wrote "the 'perception' of a 'mistake" to allow for the error of our human perception itself to perceive things we consider 'mistakes'. 

I do however believe it is possible to live in one extreme or another of the overall Balance of things. This is what I would consider would need "making 'Right" again.

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