September 14, 2010

Unique Psychological Relationship

I think ive finally found out what i want to do with this blog-thing. ive been working on this journal/book thing for a long time on my own time of my own volition with no clear cut intention other than knowing these were trains of thought and thought instances that i needed to preserve in a certain way. because i have a rather large amount of these already made and i am continuously making more as more thoughts come to me, ive decided im going to share them with you in this form. my original idea was to publish a book of these photographs of my written thoughts in my journal, maybe one day that will still happen. until then, enjoy them this way:
these images are really just thoughts to meditate and reflect on. im sharing them with you so that you can create your own relationship to these thoughts and to these pages. this one i dont think really needs any further explanation.

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