January 12, 2011

Living on Purpose

My name is Alexander Weyer
and im an Actor, but im not Acting.
At least I don't think i am.

but even when Actors are Acting, their still Living, anyways...
those experiences are still a part of their Lives.
those Actions still have 'Real' consequences.
I think Acting is less Acting and more
just putting a good imagination to use.
Real living within a temporary Illusion. a daydream.

Acting can be an escape.
a way of dodging true responsibility with yourself.
a way of hiding from yourself for a while.

but then again you don't really go anywhere do you?
You're always right where you Are.
I'm always right where I Am.

I'm a lot of other things besides an Actor too.

I'm a writer, but im not writing.
writing is just something i choose to do with my time.

other times i do other things.
im still just Living. existing. Acting.
Doing. Breathing. Seeing. Hearing.
thinking. Learning. growing.
experiencing. judging. evaluating. calculating.

just like Anybody else, right? just like you. but different.

but whatever im doing or who i am, im still just living.
my name is Alexander Weyer and im not Acting, im Living.
on purpose.

1 comment:

  1. just like me but different. you said it all <3