November 22, 2011

Thanksgiving Grace

Dear God, Universe, and Anybody Else who’s listening,

Thank you for the Hard Times. Thank you for the times that make me question everything around me, for these are the times that I learn and grow the most, and find out what it means to be truly grateful for everything I have, as it is.

Thank you also for our Sustenance and our Strength not only in the form of the food we are about to eat, but in all ways that we receive support from our Environment: our Family and Friends, and moments of Wonder and Appreciation that show us what it is worth fighting for.

Thank you for bringing us all together today to share in this time of Appreciation as a reminder that we are never alone, even when we are apart, that we share in an Eternal bond through our Hearts.

Finally, Thank you for this Miracle itself we call Life and our chance to take part in the Great Story of All things. for the chance to have Been who we’ve been, to Be who we Are, and to Become who we’ve yet to become.

In your Honor,
We Eat, Pray, & Love.

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