December 19, 2011

The Choice is (Y)ours

I hope people don't feel that by reading my words or thoughts or viewing my actions and agreeing with or 'Liking' them is enough, i don't want to make people feel understood and then complacent or contented just to know someone else is out there who agrees with them and thats enough, i want you to feel CHARGED and more POWERful in Your Self when you read my words to take Your Own Action and to Speak Your Own Words while knowing im here to back you up if you need me...

My actions alone will never be enough, i need you all to do your own part...THE WORLD NEEDS YOU... if you believe what you believe, there should be nothing stopping you and no opportunity you let slip by without making yourself heard and known.

If you're reading this... im counting on you to do what you know in your heart is the right thing... no one's holding a gun to your head, and no ones going to keep tabs on you either, but still do it for your self and do it for those you love. 
(Y)our world is (Y)ours to mold...

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