February 12, 2012

My Life Philosophy: Have A Good Time. Period.

If what we're going for is 'Perfection' in life, than Philosophy and Science will continue to go in the way of discovering and Accepting the present as it is, as 'Perfection' already.

and if what we're going for is 'Perfection in Imperfection' than we only have but to realize that everything already is 'Perfect' the way it is.

but actually everyone is also going for something different, their own something.

and if you're not going for your own thing, than its because you're enjoying helping someone else go for what they want, which in turn makes you happy and you enjoy being happy for others, which is great! and you shouldnt be afraid or too proud to let others help you when you need it if you can see it makes them happy...

and if we want more than that, we want at the time of death, to look back on our entire life with no regrets, feeling like we've fulfilled our own potential and are ourselves fulfilled, and have gotten to see others be fulfilled as well.

The only way to ensure this is to listen to your heart and follow your spirit at all times and help others do the same, because you know your heart and spirit will also be your final judges, not just your mind.

but even 'dissatisfaction' is perfection in its own right, because that's a part of Life too.

the only thing ever to do is to just try and enjoy yourself and whatever it is you are doing as much as possible at the base level of experience. then, whatever mix of positive and negative you want to be is all up to you.

You are the one and only final judge of your own life, because you're the one living it, so just live UP to your own Standards.

and if you're not living up to your own standards yet, as long as you're really trying and making an effort, everything else can be forgiven.

and if you're not trying, then you really must just not give a fuck, so good for you anyways, if you're having a good time! ;)

but if you know youre not having a good time, and youre not trying to have a good time, and youre not willing to do what it takes to have a good time...then you must know that EVERYONE DESERVES TO HAVE A GOOD TIME!!!

and if you just think you don't deserve to have a good time, than you have to know that you're Wrong! Dead Wrong!

unless you don't think you deserve to have a good time because you are currently harming the lives of others in some way or preventing them from having a good time. in which case, STOP IT, then, realize when you hurt others you're actually hurting yourself also, feel badly, Learn from it, Apologize, Mean it, don't do it again, Forgive yourself, move on, and have a good time!

and if you already are Having a Good time, RIGHT NOW, then Keep It Going! Woot Woot!!! :D hahaha


  1. Hey, just found your blog through this - http://www.experienceproject.com/uw.php?e=1704329&n=&aok=Confirm

    Thanks for this, it made me smile. Especially after reading all the hard times INFPs have been through. Good stuff :)

    1. No way! that's awesome. i'm so glad that you found something worthwhile for yourself here. that makes me smile :) thank you for your comment <3