February 24, 2011

Everything that Happened

OK! so im trying something new out that ive been building up for a while... i would APPRECIATE some feedback!

the thing about it is the MEANING of all of it:

what you're seeing here is a fingerpainting using red blue and yellow paint. some of the words have been covered over by charcoal.

Finger-painted words because it symbolizes my physical reality connection to the abstract concepts of the words.

3 Primary colors used and mixed together because it represents how 'alive' words are themselves and the whole 'spectrum' of interpretations of meaning and perspectives possible. Words are symbols, words are Images.

Charcoal obscures the words that i feel have less interpretation possible/ less meaning inherent in them, yet all of them still have the 3 primary colors underneath the charcoal. 

The blocky parts and everything else is just evidence left over of the process of my facilitating it's creation

and the text is my belief that at the end of the day, at the end of my life, all that is going to remain, is everything that i've done and everything that has happened in my life...

...that and the ripples.

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