July 8, 2011


I am Both Mortal and Divine

I see myself as a being within the World and the Universe, I am a part of the Whole.

The World has me as a part of it.

I can see myself as an ‘object’ from a ‘so called’ “Third person” p.o.v. (at least hypothetically)

I make/choose my own limitations

I have the World before me, the World has me before it.

My own ‘For Myself” is a part of/ makes up the whole “In-Itself”, like each cell in my body makes up my whole

I have a responsibility to the ‘In-Itself’ for Myself. (I am responsible for myself for everyone else.)

We cannot make the ‘objective’ viewpoint into our own subjective perspective, but we can view the objective viewpoint as an object, subjectively. We can still gather information this way.


I can be happy for the world and for its accomplishments and share in it with others.

I should try not to Expect So Much from myself All The Time.

The World will be fine in the Meantime, so the things I do Do, I should take my time with and do fully right the first time to make the best impact.

There is no established path for me, I could never be “normal” even if I tried. Trust me, I’ve tried. Listen to My Self.

I will always be ‘different’, ‘creative’, ‘analytical’, ‘intellectual’, ‘emotional’, etc. even if I don’t show it all the time. I don’t have to constantly be proving myself.

Taking proper care of myself is THE Best thing I can do to help the World. The/My World needs me in Top form.

Use the System to Breakdown the System.

It’s OK to be in the Middle

Its OK not to be finished yet…
…not to have reached my destination…
…not to have reached completion…
…or perfect equilibrium.

Its OK to be just as I am.

Don’t’ worry about the future because it will get here when it gets here, and it will NOT get here until then.

The Place of Rest is IN this Moment. all the ‘Security’ I’ll ever have is right now.
Its OK to feel secure when I am.

I cannot be consciously aware of Everything and All Factors and All sides of a situation. I must learn to trust fate and my unconscious and my instincts more. And let go of Regret.

Time for This, Time for That, Not for Both. Pick One and Do the Best I Can.

A Lot of things we have to do in Life are actually really easy when we take them one at a time. But they can seem really hard when we think of them all at once.

Deal with what’s in front of my face, Here and Now.

I don’t have to be the Most Matured person ever…im still fairly young and I need to forgive myself.

Relating to others helps us see ourselves better.

For Real and Far-Reaching Change to begin, most things need to reach “That Point” where change is Necessary and in most cases the Only Option.

Most People Need to Learn the Hard Way for themselves, or else they won’t really learn. And that’s OK too. 

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