June 27, 2011


Sooooo, i have something ive been meaning to tell you all for a while now.

And i Really mean YOU! if you're reading this right now, it means a) you've visited my blog. b) you are consciously involved with it. c) you're witnessing something i've personally expressed of myself and allowing it to move within and through yourself. and for all of those reasons I LOVE YOU!

i cannot really express how truly Grateful i feel to have a place that i can share some of the thoughts and ideas that Mean the Most to Me, the thoughts and ideas that make up the Foundation of my own Existence!  it is truly an honor to be able to share such things with so many people. i even especially love thinking about all the people i have no idea have seen this, and have not responded at all, because i have absolutely zero idea how this is effecting their lives, but i love imagining how it might be. People in over 20 different countries have seen this and THAT Amazes me!!!

i'd now love to share a few responses that i've gotten to my blog which have made me want to cry their so touching...
"Hey man,
Really glad you got my letter; I thought I might've addressed it wrong! I just wanted to let you know that I've been reading your blog, and in so many ways, it's helping me make sense of a lot of what i've been experiencing here. I think I might have actually written that to you in the letter, but it continues to amaze me how-even though your writing is clearly not for my benefit and likely means very different things to you-it also resonates in so many powerful ways with a lot of the ways i'm feeling and processing in India. In fact I went back to your page just now to reference specific entries, but they're literally too numerable to even begin to talk about here. Everyday I remind myself to think about "my own reactions to my own actions", that "Today is today" and I need to be present within every moment to understand both its complexity and its beauty, and i feel the weight and burden of the past (my past, india's past, my culture's past) getting heavier and more meaningful everyday. So, in short, thank you for creating a medium through which to share your writing because in finding a public way to comes to terms with and understand your own reality, you're also helping me to do the same with mine.
miss ya buddy"

you will never know how much this means to me to read this. effecting other peoples lives in a positive way and in turn being effected positively by others is all i could hope and ask for in the world. what you just wrote to me tells me that that is something im concretely beginning to achieve in my life, and that gives me a very peculiar, content, grateful feeling.
i am happy. and i hope you are too!

haha, shits getting pretty epic huh...lol for both of us!
the feeling of understanding and being understood (the BEST!) (and even then appreciated! omg...haha!)"

And another one i love so much <3:
"hahaha you are so amazing alexander! 
and yes thats so true after i read your whole blog i felt such a connection with you i had to follow it!! You can feel your presence while reading the blog and you have a clear and distinct voice that resonates with me even after ive read a post.
It is honest and vulnerable. You are taking away all the bullshit that normal blogs have which conform to society and "what the public will think and how they will react".
I am all about the discovery of life and our minds, how they work and how our thoughts and actions ultimately make you who you are in day to day life. Like you said in reach every single thing we do has a spiral affect that we might not know about now but surely will later on. But the basis of the blog for me is that it makes me think. It generates that part of your brain that normal people rarely or never use. I also love your pictures of your journal one liners on a blank sheet. It makes me feel close to you which is huge considering we have only met for 5 mins : )
I am sure this is vague also hahaha but i hope i helped! I look forward to reading much more my dear and hopefully seeing you sometime in the near future.
much much love!!

"wow!...you just made me smile SO BIG! hahaha...

gosh, i mean what you just said is pretty much exactly what my aspirations are for my 'blog', which is just to help spur people on to use that part of their brain they rarely or may never use, and to 'stick' to you in some way after you've left the page...and by you telling me you see it as 'honest and vulnerable' also is huge because that means you can sense my intentions behind the work. and the intention is a huge part of it too. ITS ALL A HUGE PART OF IT! haha...god i hate bullshit. lol.

but yeah, you totally just made my day, so thank you! and im so just so glad that you feel that you're getting something positive out of what im trying to do. that in itself makes me feel really accomplished and like i actually am working to 'make the world a better place'.

I think that really says it all right there... but i just really wanted to express My Gratitude to YOU ALL for allowing me a release and a platform form the things that are truly important to me in Life... You Guys are the BEST! <3 

I made a new email just for this blog also, if any of you guys would like to write me, for ANY reason, questions about me or questions about life or just certain sentiments you feel about life, or if you just wanna send me some Love...hehe, i would Love to hear from YOU!



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