October 3, 2011

Take your 'Happy' when you can get it!

We've all gotten so used to being angry, agitated and cynical by everything that we've forgotten how to just be stupid HAPPY!

At any given moment, some of the worst things you can Imagine are happening to people in the world who you don't even know actually exist, their whole world is currently pain + torture + suffering of both the physical and emotional depths of their existence... At This Moment... think about your own situation now, we all have things that we've been taking for granted for far too long...Be Thankful and truly Joyous when the occasion presents itself, in their Honor...

Because they want you to be truly happy, we all do.
if they were you, they'd say fuck whatever else is going on and be happy because you're lucky enough even to have that as an option right now... but the world isn't out to get you, it really doesn't care too much actually, so you have to take your happy for yourself.

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