October 8, 2011

October 7th 2011 9:22pm

October 7th 2011 9:22pm Home Bedroom Michigan
I dont know whether to take another hit or not, because i dont know how high i want to be when i write this. just watched 'Howl' for the 2nd time and got this strong urge to write about how the world feels:
...to write about now, this moment
for myself + for the world
what it feels like
what it tastes like
what i see
the things i hear...
everyone has their own way of going crazy, with fervor of their feelings. some are quiet crazies who implode in and behind locked doors some are screaming, crazies who take every chance to howl at every honest man they can. here i go thinking too much again...
but thats exactly what all of this is
too many airwaves + brainwaves + tidal waves
too much you and not enough me,
too much me and not enough you.
this heavy internal tension about how to best use my time, the time i have left, before bedtime
before twenty-twelve, 
before bars close, and time before im once again alone.
alone to contemplate my universe and yours,
before i need a new chapstick a new car, a new job, a new apartment, time before i loose my high, and i turn twenty-four and before saturn transits the sun, moon, and mercury wall st. is occupied, main st. is occupied,
chicago, detroit, and ann arbor, and
the world thinks what took US this long.
but while attention occupies the world,
i worry about where the cameras are not rolling
in the persuasion of the masses
and the influence of their ashes,
in the mind, body and soul
of the consumers of coal,
not the war in the middle-east
but the war for our sanity,
where every soldier stands alone
fighting to make his way back home.

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