November 7, 2010

i cant do everything myself.

if i or you or whomever has an idea to create something that they do not have the capabilities to create on their own or by their own means, because they simply dont have the power, or because what they want to create involves other people, people you cannot control... it is not the job of the other people to 'conform' to your ways of thinking, to go above and beyond to believe what you believe, rather your job is to take opportunities when people are OPEN to listening and use those times to persuade and convince them of your idea, thought, etc.

if i want to create a sort of 'better' world for the future out of the one we are living in right now, i must inspire others to the same vision of mine/a similar vision of their own, because i can't do everything myself, and im not the only person living on this planet.

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