November 4, 2010

the product of “Instinctive Analytical Thinking”

October 27th 2010 231pm home bedroom Michigan. 

the important things: (aka: my principals)

-awareness, because I cant do anything about what im unaware or unconscious of.
            (awareness of…etc. including(myself and my circumstances))
            (‘honest’ intention behind my actions, whatever they may be.)

-self discipline in striving for ‘better’ (the ability to dream (big!), freedom of imagination)/ acceptance and appreciation of things totally as they are. (including forgiveness for others and myself.)

-(pro)action, even if that includes and most especially (simply because I think its what people have the hardest time doing) taking non-action when it is ‘for the better’. 

-and respect for my environment and circumstances including all people and living things in it. using tact and consideration. empathy and understanding.

-bravery for living life up to your own standards and no one else’s. a set of priorities.

-gratefulness for existence, and moments of meditation; a connection with the numinous and a sense of ‘faith’.

-responsibility for my share. with humility and pride in all that i do and accomplish.

-focus on the present moment.

(Now I can take these principals I’ve ‘established’ for myself and apply them to create!)

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