October 2, 2010

I Have to be Honest...

ok so ive only been doing this blog-thing for about a month, not even, but i just have to say that im really starting to enjoy this process...

for me it's all about the 'moments' and the feelings i get in those moments. i try never to write for the sake of writing unless im completely wrapped up in my thoughts and emotions at the time. to make sure im in a place where i can convey them as honestly as i feel them, and as openly, because i really see no reason to hide them and not to share them. what's the purpose of having something if you're not also going to share it with someone else.

so this process of having certain 'moments' alone with myself, noticing those moments and appreciating them as they are in the moment, and then marking my immediate impression of that moment in some concrete way that i can later share it with others so that they might be able to get to taste it in their own way, what that original moment was like for me.
(btw if you dont like run-on sentences, you shouldn't read jack kerouac, or this last paragraph.)

but either way i just wanted to show my gratitude to the universe for providing me with such an outlet that seems to purposefully fit into the way we are all currently living our lives in these times. and having not felt a sort of purpose to create for a while now because of having no seemingly worthwhile public outlet for my expressions, it's nice to feel that i have my own little creation again that i can work on and have it kinda mean something to me, in its own way of course...

and honestly i really hope you guys can enjoy this in your own ways and if you feel 'daring' enough to really question yourself and find out how you honestly 'react' to these 'moments' im sharing with you. i don't think a lot of people really allow themselves to stop and 'feel' that much anymore. maybe im wrong...?

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  1. Is social media the culprit of a shared inability to feel and explore one's respective moments of honest reaction/action?