October 8, 2010

I Just Haven't

i made this page maybe about 2 months ago. it was a time for me where i was thinking a lot just about the way i was living my life, the things it consisted of, the people, the places, the activities, etc. i had come to the decision that things needed to change, but at that time i was just not ready to let everything go, i was still too afraid, too worried about what might happen, too worried about the 'lack of security' feeling that times of change bring. but the feeling of knowing what was best for me and not taking steps to make that happen left me with a feeling of personal shame.

today im happy to say that i've done what i really felt i knew i needed to do and it really wasn't that scary, but exciting. and making the decision to actually DO what you feel you need to, no matter how scary it can appear to be, really is one of the easiest things to do, because it FEELS SO RIGHT once you actually get the ball rolling.

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